Project Description

Development and Delivery

As a consultant for the MCAWW, First Forward is currently involved in the development and delivery of a cutting edge leadership series. The program integrates leadership skills on ten (10) topics and has direct industry applicability through the use of activities and case studies. In addition, we are partnering with the MCAWW to build a multiple module training series designed specifically for the mechanical contracting industry that takes a project manager through leadership and communications training all the way to project planning, execution, and close out. Within this series, our team teaches a financial accountability class giving project managers critical financial tools to help manage costs and profitability on the job as well as measure key job metrics and shows them how individual project financial performance directly links to overall company profitability. In addition, First Forward facilitates basic financial management classes for the organization for both UA Local 32 and 26 apprentices and foremen.

Leah Gutmann has been a significant part of MCA of Western Washington (MCAWW) education initiatives as an instructor, consultant and board member since 2008. She has managed several of our new training programs, including program management, curriculum design, coordination, and delivery.
Ed Kommers, MCAWW Executive Director