Project Description

Project Brief

First Forward is currently working on designing and implementing a corporate employee learning and development program for MacDonald-Miller Facility Solution. We are taking a modularized approach to create a system that is both flexible and relevant. The team is challenged with bringing together the employee development needs of the company, business units, and individual employees to create an experience that ties corporate culture and long term strategic needs to training and development. Through using a variety of means, methods, and management tools we are creating programs and classes that are immediately applicable to assisting employees in exceeding client needs and expectations.

The Fierce Conversations workshop was extremely inspiring and helpful. I really enjoyed Leah’s approach. She used her real word experiences as examples throughout the class, and created a safe environment for sharing our own challenges. Working with Leah has not only helped create healthy communication in my professional relationships, it’s helping at home too!
Nicole Martin, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions